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About Lori Prokop Archives

May 31, 2007

About Lori Prokop

By Raleigh Pinskey


I have known Lori Prokop personally and professionally since 1997. She is an incredible visionary leader.


Lori Prokop is co-founder of Keyboard Culture Blog Community where 100,000 people could be reading and supporting you and your message.


Lori Prokop has helped people and their companies earn as much as $6.6 million dollars in additional revenues in 90 days.


Lori developed the List Profit Program. She and her team build online lists of highly-targeted prospects and responsive buyers and guarantees 1,000 people on your list within 90 days.


Lori Prokop is a Google Adwords Expert and fantastic, result-producing copywriter.


Here’s Even More Proof


By age 26, Director of Business Development for the Small Business Administration’s 7m Loan Fund


By age 35, Lori authored three more books selling over ÂĽ million copies.


By age 36, her book publishing client list included Ted Turner, Jim Palmer, and Mark Victor Hansen, to name a few.


At age 37, she was nominated and voted by her peers into the International Marketers Hall of Fame.


In 2003, Lori’s intuition guided her to learn search engine optimization, programming, Google algorithms, pay-per-click web site promotion, and sophisticated web site linking strategies. This truly served her and her clients well.


Today, at 42, Lori Prokop is the co-founder of Keyboard Culture Blog Community envisioned to have 1,000,000 readers in its first year.


The Keyboard Culture Blog Community launches power-packed publicity for its 50 chosen Experts including online movies and podcasts.


If you are one of these 50 Experts, what could this mean for you?


Imagine 10,000, 50,000 and even 100,000 people a year reading and financially supporting you and your message.


The results could be increased clients, credibility, fame, prestige, profits, consulting fees, speaking fees and major visibility in your market place.


Put yourself in this picture. Lori and her team do all the technical work for you. They program, customize, produce, distribute and publicize for you.


You write 50 words or more 3 times a week. We bring readers to you.


How did Keyboard Culture Blog Community Come About?


In 1996, Lori and her husband sold their business. After it sold, Lori woke up with no “purpose.” She asked for a repetitive dream to reveal her purpose.


In between the sleep and wake states, Lori began hearing and seeing “You are the publicist for Love and Light and Forgiveness and Gratitude.”


Even though, at the time, the dream did not make much sense to Lori, she remembered it.


In 2003, Lori Prokop received intuitive messages guiding her to learn and master search engine optimization, programming, Google algorithms, pay-per-click web site promotion and sophisticated web site linking strategies.


Lori is a “people person” and, at the time, wasn’t interested in focusing on computer systems and internet programming.


As Lori’s intuition continued to send this message, she continued to ignore it, until one day Lori turned and said those famous human words… “What’s in it for me?”


The intuitive response was, “Is that all it is going to take to get you to move forward? To make mastering search engine optimizing, creating web traffic and programming personal? If that’s all it’s going to take…well, here, we can do that…”


Little did Lori Prokop know what “making it personal” meant.


This Discovery Changed Lori’s Life


Within a few months, Lori Prokop launched a reality show that rocked the publishing world with excitement. She didn’t realize it at the time, but she was first to market with a powerhouse of an idea and some of her competitors were furious she had the jump.


Instead of approaching Lori to see how they could be included, they launched a paid online hate campaign to tank her and the project — if they couldn’t have it, they didn’t want anyone to.


Lori discovered this was not the first time this group hired and paid online attackers to use false claims and hate attacks to take out competitors.


In fact, the list of targets included over 300 other businesses. Many businesses and experts attacked were highly successful with celebrity clients and even Grammy winning projects.


Just as Lori’s intuitive guidance instructed her, she realized these attacks had lit a fire underneath her.


They had “made it personal” to learn and master all she could about search engine optimization, programming, Google algorithms, pay-per-click web site promotion and sophisticated web site linking strategies.


This experience became a true blessing in disguise.


Suddenly the Answer Came to Lori


Lori Prokop quickly became fascinated with how Google and other search engines were not reading, filtering or monitoring information to see if it was true.


They were simply relying on computer programming to read the sophisticated linking strategies created by search engine optimizers to decide which information Google would put at the top of its search engines and report it to millions of people as truth.


Lori realized if she could learn and master the powerful skills and secrets the attackers used to wipe out hundreds of people and businesses, she could use these same skills and secrets to advance messages of Love and Light and help hundreds of people get their messages of sustainability, healing, abundance, Love, compassion and hope out to the world.


Yes! Yes! Yes!


Keyboard Culture Blog Community’s success is based on the most powerful and proven traffic generation systems, search engine optimization, programming, Google algorithms and sophisticated web site linking strategies.


You write 50 words or more three times a week, and Lori and her team do all the work for you.


Keyboard Culture Blog Community is 50 entrepreneurs, authors, experts and speakers providing solutions for the challenges and opportunities people are now facing.


The world is changing. You can guide people to new ways of living. In return, imagine 10,000, 50,000 and even 100,000 people a year reading and financially supporting you and your message.


Lori Prokop is interviewing and choosing Experts right now.


To speak with Lori about being one of the 50 chosen Experts for the Keyboard Culture Blog Community, you can schedule a phone meeting by emailing her now at or call 715-868-1110.


Raleigh Pinskey is best selling author of “101 Ways to Promote Yourself.” Would you like greater visibility in your marketplace? Go to now. Raleigh Pinskey can be reached at .

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