What is ChemSketch? How does it compare to other chemical sketching tools? What makes it unique?

ChemSketch is a free chemistry drawing tool that lets you create beautiful drawings of organic molecules, organometallic compounds, polymers, and even Markush structures. The program has a simple user interface that guides you through each step of the drawing process.


ChemSketch is designed to provide a quick way to generate high quality chemical sketches. It features a clean interface, intuitive workflow, and powerful features such as automatic bond generation and automatic molecular symmetry detection.




Chemical sketching is a powerful tool for chemists and scientists alike. ChemSketch is a chemical drawing application that lets you quickly and easily draw organic molecules, organometallic compounds, polymer chains, and Markush structures, among others.

You can also import existing drawings from ChemDraw, VMD, Avogadro, and other popular molecular editors.

In addition to being able to draw structures, ChemSketch provides tools for creating 2D and 3D models, saving and sharing your creations, and exporting images to various formats.


Draw Organic Molecules

Organic molecules are the basic units of life. They’re made up of carbon atoms bonded together in different arrangements. Drawing these structures is essential for understanding chemistry. With ChemSketch, you can draw organic molecules like benzene, cyclohexane, pyridine, and many more!

Draw Organometallic Compounds

Organometallic compounds are used in everything from pharmaceuticals to catalysts. Drawing these structures is helpful when designing synthetic routes. With ChemSketcch, you can draw organometallic compounds like rhodium carbonyl complexes, palladium acetylacetonate, and many more!

Draw Polymer Chains

Polymers are large molecules composed of repeating subunits called monomers. Drawing polymer chains is useful for predicting properties of materials. With ChemSketcher, you can draw polymer chains like polyethylene, polystyrene, and many more!

Draw Markush Structures

Markush structures are groups of chemicals that share common characteristics but differ in minor details. For example, all penicillins contain a beta lactam ring, but some may contain additional substituents. Drawing Markush structures is useful for identifying similar compounds. With ChemSketche, you can draw Markush structures like penicillin G, ampicillin, and many more!

Import Existing Drawings

Import existing drawings from ChemDraw®, VMD, Avogardro, and other popular molecule editors.

More features of ChemDraw

It provides a variety of features that make it easier to draw complex molecules. For instance, ChemSketch supports multiple windows so you can easily switch between different views. You can also zoom in and out of the screen to focus on specific parts of the molecule.

You can save your sketches directly to PDF files, export them to SVG format, or print them directly from within the app.

In addition to these basic features, ChemSketch also includes several advanced tools that allow you to perform various tasks related to molecular design. These include the ability to search for similar compounds, find substructures, calculate bond lengths, and much more.

## Features ##

* Draw Chemical Structures

Drawing chemical structures is a common task among organic chemists. With ChemSketch, you can simply drag and drop atoms onto the canvas to build your molecules. You can also select individual bonds and connect them together to form larger units.

* Multiple Windows & Views

With ChemSketch, it is possible to open multiple windows simultaneously. Each window displays a separate view of the same molecule. You can move back and forth between windows to compare different aspects of the molecule.

* Zoom & Pan

Zooming in on a particular part of the molecule makes it easier to identify structural elements. You can pan around the entire molecule to look at all sides.

* Save As PDF

Save your drawings as PDF documents. They can be used later as references or printed directly from the app.

* Export To SVG

Export your drawings to SVG format. This is useful when you want to share your creations with others via email or social media.

* Print Directly From App

Print your drawings directly from the app. No additional software required!


How to download and install ChemSketch


ChemSketch is a powerful tool for creating chemical structures. It allows users to draw molecules, edit them, save them, print them out, and share them via email.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing ChemSketch on your computer:


  1. Download ChemSketch here
  2. Install ChemSketch

After downloading ChemSketch, double-click the.exe file to run the installer. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

  1. Start ChemSketch

Click the ChemSketch icon on your desktop to launch the application.

  1. Create a New Project
  2. Choose a Template

Choose a template based on the type of molecule you want to create. For example, choose “Molecule” if you want to create a single molecule. Or, choose “Polymer” if you want a polymer chain.

  1. Draw the Molecule

Draw the structure of the molecule you want to create in the drawing area.

  1. Save the Molecule

Save the molecule by clicking the “Save” button.

  1. Print the Molecule


ChemSketch is an easy-to-use chemical sketching software that allows you to draw organic molecules, organomercury compounds, polymer chains, Markush structures, and more.

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