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Internet Explorer (IE, WIE, MSIE) is the most famous Internet browser, which appeared since the first network developments. Traditionally offered to download Internet Explorer for free from the Microsoft website, it is a must-have utility of the Windows environment, which is designed to run web applications.

Such a long life of the browser is due to the popularity of the vendor “Microsoft”, which includes IE. The final version of the browser is a powerful web page interpreter with many additional options.

Now there is a Russian version, which has the greatest popularity in Russia. You can also download Internet Explorer free in the Russian version from the Microsoft website.

Internet Explorer 7 browser is a multiframe window with the implementation of phishing. It has a news utility RSS-format. The browser has a convenient page scaling function with quality display.

It also has a preview mode, convenient search engine selection. Internet Explorer is designed for all versions of Windows as well as MAC OS.

Browser has a typical Windows interface, easy to use, allows you to reconfigure the control panel, data output windows. Long-term experience of Microsoft embodied in the convenience and comfort for the user of the browser.

Internet Explorer’s Popularity Declines as Competition Evolves

Despite its high popularity, users often switch from versions of IE to Opera and Mozilla Firefox because these browsers provide more functionality than IE. The final version has a multiframe interface, blocks pop-ups, has a phishing filter, and is automatically updated.

It makes sense to download “Internet Explorer” and use the built-in search system from the top toolbar, create quick tabs, connect the news feed RSS.

IE has a safe shopping feature. You can download Internet Explorer for free and have a fully functional, modern browser with a high degree of reliability.

Many users are so accustomed to the interface of IE that they can’t imagine any other browser. It is hard to say how long the popularity of this browser will fall, but the feature set requires expansion, as well as replacing the browser engine with a more powerful one.

Internet Explorer is having a hard time keeping a competitive edge over other intensely evolving browsers.

Features of Internet Explorer 11

  • Just like any other browser opens web sites, supporting all modern web-building technologies (nothing floats in it, it displays everything as it should be);
  • There is a search from the address bar via Bing (search engine can be changed);
  • With the help of smiley in the toolbar you can leave feedback about the site, write about whether everything is normal on it is displayed and opened – it seems the developers have seriously decided to improve their browser;
  • There is a function of private viewing;
  • There is a built-in SmartScreen filter that protects you from dangerous sites;
  • In a new tab opens a list of frequently visited sites, you can also open the sites you visited in the last browsing session with one click.


  • According to personal observations, Internet Explorer is faster on sites that are related to Microsoft (the same or;
  • Any site can be tested for security manually by sending a request to the lab from the main menu;
  • There is an automatic update that goes unnoticed by the user.


  • Right after installation, only 1 search service is available – Bing. If you want the default search through Google or Yandex, you will have to add these search engines manually through the settings;
  • Not the most convenient bookmark management.

Final Words

Downloading Internet Explorer 11 offline can be a useful option for users who want to install the browser on multiple computers or without an internet connection. With its improved performance, enhanced security features, and compatibility with modern web standards, Internet Explorer 11 is a solid choice for browsing the web.

However, it’s important to note that Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer and recommends using Microsoft Edge instead. While Internet Explorer 11 may still be necessary for legacy web applications or certain websites, it’s recommended to upgrade to a more modern browser for a better browsing experience.

Nonetheless, if you need to download Internet Explorer 11 offline, following the steps outlined in this article can help you do so quickly and easily.


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