KompoZer is one of the greatest software out there. It is a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor for creating HTML documents. You will be able to construct web pages for websites using this tool and the full power of CSS styles. KompoZer combines the greatest attributes of well-known editors like DreamWeaver and FrontPage. 

Kompozer is an excellent software if you have zero knowledge of HTML. Many people would want to use this type of software and if you are one of them then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will tell you everything we know about KompoZer and how to download and install it. If you want to know the details keep reading until the end. So, let’s get started.

Easy to Use

This software maintains the ease of use that enables even amateur web designers to produce sites that appear professional. All actions on designing web pages are carried out in an intuitive mode, much as papers are made in Word editor. Therefore, the application does not require knowledge of HTML markup language.

Based on the Gekko engine created by Mozilla experts, KompoZer is a quick and dependable platform that complies with all current standards. You may upload newly produced pages to FTP sites using KompoZer, which also supports XML and JavaScript. 

You can also rapidly switch between the visual mode of page display and the HTML code editor. You can specify colour samples, utilize tables, frames, and templates, open editable pages in various tabs, and automatically remove extraneous code from files. Most current web browsers successfully display websites made with KompoZer. You can use the program, among other things, to check the text’s spelling and set up buttons for toolbars.

For a simple understanding just keep in mind that for those people with zero knowledge of HTML code KompoZer is the best option.

Features of KompoZer

Following are the features of KompoZer:

  • Free of the cost WYSIWYG editor.
  • Site manager for FTP.
  • The editor works on many pages simultaneously by using tabs.
  • Self-create style sheets using a CSS editor.
  • Accessible resizable toolbars.
  • Assistance with form and table construction.
  • To call from KompoZer is the W3C’s HTML validator.
  • The menu is available in your native tongue with a Dutch language pack.
  • Available on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

What is The Use of KompoZer and Who Can Use it?

KompoZer is a comprehensive website editor that combines a WYSIWYG website editor with a web file manager that is simple to use. As a starting point, KompoZer was created to make usage as simple as feasible. This makes it perfect for non-technical computer users who want to give their website a polished appearance. 

No prior knowledge of HTML or other programming languages is necessary. By using KompoZer, you can create a website format like how you can, for instance, create a text file format. By choosing the appropriate tabs during the format, you can quickly switch between the WYSIWYG and HTML views.

You may use the W3C HTML Validator from within the software to check that your HTML code complies with web standards. You may inspect and amend the changes you make to the CSS stylesheets while they are active in the WYSIWYG editor. 

With the extensive colour selection tool, choosing a colour is simple even if you don’t know the correct HTML colour code. If you want to use the KompoZer software outside of English, you’ll need to download the free Dutch language pack.

How to Download and Install

You can easily install KompoZer either from the official website or by clicking on the download button. After downloading simply open the file and extract it from the preferred tool if needed. When done simply open the file and complete the installation process.

The installation process is simple as the wizard will guide you through it. Just simply follow the given instruction and the software will be good to use. You can download it completely for free for Windows 10 (x32, 64-bit, 86). Moreover, not only the software is free it is completely safe and secure. So, the users can rest assured and use it without having any concerns. 

The app is available on the following devices: Desktop PC, Laptops (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), and Ultrabooks. OS: Professional, Enterprise, Education, Home Edition, versions: 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809.

This is it for the guide. Hopefully, it helped you in understanding what KompoZer is and how to download it. It is simple to use so just follow the instructions, download the app, and run it.


KompoZer is a free and completely safe software available for people who don’t know anything about HTML code. It is based on the WYSIWYG editor which let the user create HTML documents. Moreover, you can also create websites using this tool.

The software is extremely easy to use so anyone can use it without having much knowledge about it. If you are looking for such software, then you might be aware of Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is great software, but it is expensive. So, KompoZer is a great alternative.

With this app, you can easily specify colour samples, utilize tables, frames, and templates, open editable pages in various tabs, and automatically remove extraneous code from files. Moreover, it is extremely simple to download on a PC. So, download it now by following the instructions and using it for whatever your purpose is.

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