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What is Keyboard Culture?Keyboard Culture is a blog community of talented,
enlightened leaders helping people and businesses
solve problems, make decisions, create
and live from Love and Light
in the highest good for all


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From: Lori Prokop, Co-Founder

Keyboard Culture Blog Community

Keyboard Culture
 Expert Webinar

Dear Expert,

Keyboard Culture Blog Community has launched a new blog community with an exciting, powerful focus.

If you have a message that can help people or businesses, Keyboard Culture could bring large amounts of readers, subscribers and buyers to you.

Keyboard Culture is a community of Cultural Leaders and powerful solutions. We bring experts and readers together.

This is what it’s about:


Keyboard Culture is a blog community of talented, enlightened leaders helping people and businesses solve problems, make decisions, create and live from Love and Light in the Highest Good for All.


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How interested are readers, visitors and supporters in Keyboard Culture Blog Community and Keyboard Culture Experts?

Keyboard Culture Blog Community Traffic

Watch our Free Keyboard Culture Expert Program Webinar right now to see our traffic statistics and all about Keyboard Culture.

I'll summarize here.

In May we had 1,788 unique visitors. In June we had 6,355 unique visitors. In July we had 17,591 unique visitors.

In our first 90 days, Keyboard Culture had 25,734 unique visitors. That's 1,000% growth in 90 days.

We envision 50,000 readers and supporters for Keyboard Culture Experts in August. And 100,000 readers and supporters in September. We believe these numbers will continue to double each month reaching 1,000,000 readers and supporters.

Number of Blog Posts Read

Keyboard Culture visitors read our Experts' blog posts 6,580 times in May.

Keyboard Culture visitors read blog posts 27,230 times in June.

Keyboard Culture visitors read our blog posts 62,808 times in July.

This means that in our first 90 days, Keyboard Culture's Expert blog posts had 96,618 reads from blog visitors.


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 Culture Expert Application

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We believe Keyboard Culture could launch the next "Wayne Dyer," "Deepak Chopra," "Tom Peters" and "The Secret."

What could Keyboard Culture Blog Community do for you, your message and your business?

Your Results Could Be...

  • Launch your information empire quicker

  • More clients and buyers

  • Increase your credibility

  • Greater fame and prestige

  • Stronger cash flow and profits

  • Higher consulting fees

  • Larger speaking fees

  • Top rankings in search engines

  • Media coming to you as the expert

  • You featured in online movies as popular as “The Secret”

  • 100,000 people and more reading your blog

  • 1,000,000 people and more watching your online movies and listening to your podcasts

  • Major visibility in your marketplace

  • You featured on the International Newswire

  • Best seller status for books and products

  • Special perks and benefits

  • Quicker to market and increase bottom line

  • Your competition and other industry leaders writing great about you and featuring you in their blogs... sending you even more traffic and readers

  • Huge time and money savings for you

Yes, being a part of Keyboard Culture might increase your sales, your speaking opportunities and your income. But it is about more than just the money. Look how you can help others.

This eight minute excerpt of Keyboard Culture Reader Comments from our Keyboard Culture Expert Program Webinar will show you actual screen pictures of how much visitors and readers appreciate, support and care for Keyboard Culture Experts.


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 Culture Expert Application

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Culture Expert Webinar

We Do The Work For You

We invest many, many team hours:

  • Search engine optimizing for Experts

  • Programming for Google algorithms

  • Working for first page placement for our Experts in search engines

As a result, Google ranks our Experts high in search results. Google sends traffic, readers and buyers to our Experts.

We also invest many, many team hours in social networking for our Experts like you.

Social networks rank our experts high and send traffic, readers and buyers to our Experts. You can see proof of our social network rankings in this seven minute excerpt from our Keyboard Culture Expert Program Webinar


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 Culture Expert Application

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Culture Expert Webinar

You don't have to take my word for it, listen to what our Keyboard Culture Experts are saying in a quick excerpt from Keyboard Culture Expert Program Webinar. 

Let’s face it. Our world is at a very critical point. We are either going to make it or not.


Just look around. You can see it — global warming, wars, fear, violence, leadership problems and more. We are talking about our children’s future. What are we leaving for them?

Now, more than ever, we need to take it upon ourselves to solve these problems. Our world needs a new type of leadership — wise, enlightened leadership — and the time is now.

Are you a problem-solving expert who is in the business of helping people or businesses with any of the following?

  • Solve personal or business problems

  • Make personal, financial or business decisions

  • Increase mental, emotional, energetic or physical health

  • Increase personal or business income or profitability in sustainable, ethical ways

  • Improve world conditions or develop leaders

  • Build people or groups to improve outcomes or results

If you can say “yes” to any of the above, Keyboard Culture Experts Program could be perfect for you.


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 Culture Expert Application

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Culture Expert Webinar

The Time is Now

We Do ALL the Technical Work for You

You write 50 words or more 3 times a week — and that’s it. We do all technical work for the blog, podcasts, radio and online movies we produce, program, customize and publicize for you. We would love to have you in our community.

As a Keyboard Culture Expert, you receive:

Your Dedicated Blog with 50,000 People AND MORE
Reading and Supporting You

In May we had 1,788 unique visitors. In June we had 6,355 unique visitors. In July we had 18,081 unique visitors. That's 25,734 unique visitors in 90 days.

Keyboard Culture unique visitors and readership is tripling each month.

It is reasonable to expect over 50,000 unique visitors in August and 100,000 visitors in September.

Your blog is all about you and your message. Your blog is specific to what you are offering.

Webinars Featuring You — $10,000 for 90 minutes — and
Free Training to Assure Success

We may even pay you $10,000 for 90 minutes of your expertise. We have technology to host up to 1,000 people on our webinars. Keyboard Culture Webinars range from free to $25.

As the community grows and if you would like, we will host a 90-minute webinar featuring you and market it to our growing list of readers, subscribers and buyers.

We split the income 50/50 after credit card fees and any returns. That’s $25,000, if the price point is $25 and we have 1,000 people on the webinar. A 50/50 split would be over $10,000 for you.

We host the webinar featuring you. We do all the marketing and technical work. We give you training and support so you can be a successful, great Expert Guest.

We know a webinar mentorship program that charges $5,000 just to show you how to do your first webinar. As a Keyboard Culture Expert, we provide you webinar training and support FREE.

We are your Blog Manager and Blog Executive Assistant

You do what you do best! And leave all the blog work to us.

You don’t have to worry about learning code, scripting, programming, pinging, trackbacks, blog spam or comments. We do it all for you. We read and approve all comment BEFORE they are publicly posted on your blog. We manage questions and comments from your readers. We invest hours to increase your online success so you won’t have to!

Online Movies Featuring Your and Your Messages
Distributed to 60,000,000 Viewers

We produce online movies from your blog posts and distribute to 60,000,000 viewers through Keyboard Culture Blog Community and the top 10 online movie sites (YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo, etc)

This is really powerful. It could increase your sales and make you a household word overnight. Blendtec, a blender company featured in online movies, had a 400% increase in online sale for their $400 blender directly attributed to being featured in online movies.

You can provide us with video and audio or we will illustrate your blog posts and do the voice over for you. What does this look like? Here is an example of a blog post we illustrated and featured in an online movie:


Online Movies from

Building Relationships as You Are Selling

Click to watch Movie (3 min. 38 sec.)


Solar Hot Water Heater Installation

Click to watch Movie (4 min)



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 Culture Expert Application

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Culture Expert Webinar


Podcasts Distributed to 300,000,000 Listeners

We produce podcasts from your blog posts and distribute to 300,000,000 podcast listeners at the top 10 podcasting sites. We use the audio track created from your online movie.

A friend of mine distributed a podcast at only one of the top 10 podcasting sites and had 1,736 new newsletter subscribers in his first month. Imagine how quickly and easily your expert status and sales could increase

You as Featured Guest on Keyboard Culture
TM to 5,000,000 Listeners

Keyboard Culture Radio is being launch now and distributed to over 5,000,000 online listeners.

Host Raleigh Pinskey (famous publicist and author of the best selling book “101 Ways to Promote Yourself”) will interview you about your message, products and services.

This interview will include a call to action for your product or service and be distributed to over 5,000,000 listeners.

You with World Famous Experts Viewed
by Thousands of People

Talk about credibility! Keyboard Culture Experts area is being launched now and distributed to over 300,000,000 podcast listeners and social network members.

Maureen O’Crean is our host. Maureen helped her sister Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of “Simple Abundance” sell 10,000,000 copies and land Oprah multiple times. Maureen will be recording phone interviews with Sarah Ban Breathnach, other world famous experts and Keyboard Culture Experts including YOU.

These interviews will be place on the Keyboard Culture Expert site with you featured right next to world famous experts.

Imagine the credibility of being featured in the Keyboard Culture Community as a leading Expert on the same web page as world famous experts such as Sarah Ban Breathnach, Wayne Dyer, Carolyn Myss, Ram Dass, Jack Canfield, Joan Borysenko and Edgar Mitchell.

There is another web site that charges $3,000 for just this alone. As a Keyboard Culture Expert, it’s yours free.

100,000 Media and Journalists

We feature you on the busiest and most read international newswires to 100,000 media, television producers and journalists. Based on our experience, this could bring 5,000 readers to your blog over the next 90 days.

You Featured on High Traffic Blogs Sending You Traffic

You write 50 words or more 3 times a week. We search engine optimize, program and post your messages to your blog as well as other high traffic blogs we contribute to. This drives even more traffic to your blog and web site. This gets thousands of new visitors to your blog and your web site.

Homepage Link

Your picture and a link from the Keyboard Culture Blog Community homepage to your dedicated blog in our community, featuring you and your problem-solving product/service.

Links from High Traffic KBC Blog to Your Web
Site and Products/Services

Your picture at your blog and links from your blog to your web site, product/service pages and your newsletter, if you have one.

Email Featuring You to Our Subscribers

We’ll introduce you to our subscriber base of about 15,000+ people (and growing rapidly). This email will be 100% all about you. My team and I have worked to build this list from nothing, so you're going to benefit from all our hard work.

RSS Feed and Email Newsletter

Your blog posts will be sent out to through RSS feed subscribers and social networks with over 1,000,000 members who love reading blogs!

Your Message could be in Google within 24 Hours

Google comes out to Keyboard Culture Blog Community and bounced around like a ping pong ball. The way we have programmed the community makes it easy and inviting for Google to fill its search engine with our content. Our Experts are often featured in Google in less than 24 hours. People pay thousands of dollars a month just for this! And it’s yours free as part of the Keyboard Culture Expert Program.

Your Industry Leaders Recommending Your Blog

We promote you and your blog to other leading bloggers in your industry. As a result, high traffic blogs in your industry could recommend your blog and send you thousands of readers. Our Experts receive a lot of coverage and recommendations from other blogs. 

Huge Traffic to You — You Featured at
Social Networking Sites with
Millions of Members

Imagine millions of people being able to discover your blog and becoming loyal readers. Our experts have received as many as 410 incoming links from other blogs through social networking. Our social networking expertise can quickly bring you and your blog huge amounts of traffic.

$2,000 in Keyword Research FREE…Know EXACTLY what
to Blog About, Quickly Get on the First Page of
Google and Pass Your Competitors

We research your market and provide you with the exactly what your prospects are looking for and buying — including the EXACT words your prospects are typing into Google to find and buy what YOU offer (or should be offering to monetize your message and expertise).

You can use this powerful keyword intelligence as blog post topics, develop product and services from them and increase your customer/client base and income.

The exhaustive and comprehensive keyword research includes:

  • The EXACT words and phrases your prospect are typing into Google to find and buy. This tells you the EXACT products and services your prospects are buying right now.

  • The exact number of people looking for what you offer every day,

  • How many competitors are in Google for these searches and,

  • Most importantly, dozens of Keyphrases your perfect prospects are searching on that your competitors don’t know about. (Giving you the advantage to create and offer products to a hungry marketplace with no competition.)  

We give you this marketing GOLD and then WE go to work search engine optimizing for these phrases and bringing ALL the traffic to YOU!

If you were to hire us outside the Keyboard Culture Expert Program, you would pay $2,000 for research and $5,000 a month for search engine optimizing. As a Keyboard Culture Expert, it’s free to you.

Why are we willing to give you so much value free and bring you such large amounts of traffic?

Because we want Keyboard Culture Blog Community to have 1,000,000 readers in its first year. We know how to make it happen for all of us. So we do the work for you.

1:1 Consulting with Lori Prokop FREE

The Keyboard Culture Expert Program includes 1:1 consulting personally with me to go over your Keyword Research and identify the most powerful, result-producing words and keyphrases for you.

Outside the Keyboard Culture Expert Program, my rate is a solid and fair $495 per hour. My clients have included Mark Victor Hansen, Ted Turner, Jim Palmer, Yanik Silver, Ted Ciuba, Raleigh Pinskey, Henry DeVries and many others. I have been on the team developing 6-figure, 7-figure and 8-figure information empires.

For many years I offered a successful, year-long mentorship program where participants paid $10,000…and THEY had to do the work. Keyboard Culture Blog Community is a great opportunity because you get my 1:1 attention and expertise free PLUS my team and I do the work for you.

Your Blog Posts Read by Thousands of People
via Email and RSS

Your blog readers can opt to receive your blog posts through email or RSS feeds using our powerful technologies.

If you have a newsletter at your own site, this could increase your subscribers and readers. If you have been thinking about a newsletter, but haven’t done it yet (and you know how much time and expense go into creating one) this could be your solution!

This alone is worth thousands, and it’s yours free.

Build Your Newsletter from Your Blog

If you do have your own newsletter at your web site and want to quickly and consistently increase your subscribers, we will SEND TRAFFIC to your newsletter signup page at your web site. Thousands of people a month could join your newsletter at your web site.

We easily invest $500 to $1,000 a month and more build newsletter subscriber lists.

The traffic from Keyboard Culture Blog Community to your web site is YOURS FREE as one of our Experts.

Personal Support via Email and Phone

Yes, real human beings who know what we are doing and will really help you. We promptly reply to your emails and actually pick up our phones. In addition to being experts at what we do, we are also fun, caring and easy to get along with. You’ll love the “family feeling” of teaming with us.

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Keyboard Culture Blog Community is...

Free to visitors

Experts are asked to fund a portion of promotions...$16 a day

You write 50 words or more three times a week. That's all. A great blog post is between 50 and 500 words -- although some Experts write more.

We do ALL the work for you

This is a GREAT VALUE to you and a huge time and money savings for you.

In the World of Blogging You have 3 Choices...

1) Do nothing and be left behind.

2) Do it on your own requiring months or even years of hard work, a huge learning curve, lots of mistake and thousands of dollars in programming, technical expertise and promotion.

3) Apply to become a Keyboard Culture Expert. As a Keyboard Culture Expert you contribute a portion of publicity...only $16 a day...$497 per month. We do ALL the work for you. We have proven results. You could see results in your first month.

At other sites, the price tag for JUST ONE expert page is $4,000 per year — and on their site you only get one static web page with little or no promotion, customer service or help from the website.

Compare and you will see being chosen as a Keyboard Culture Expert and receiving all the Keyboard Culture services is a great value and so affordable!

My team and I will market you and bring you large traffic. We want YOU to succeed. When you succeed, we succeed. It's really that simple.

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 Culture Expert Application

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Culture Expert Webinar

For the next 25 Experts, we will WAIVE the the normal set up fee of $1,000. That's another $1,000 savings for you when you complete the short, easy application and tell us more about you, and you are chosen as a Keyboard Culture Expert.

Our team will go to work for you to get your content on your page as quickly as possible so you can start helping people and monetizing your message.

High traffic, thousands of readers, online movies, podcasting, powerful publicity, 1:1 attention from our team, result-producing value and we do the work for you for only $497 per month. And you keep 100% of the income generated by the traffic to your web site and the sales of your products and services.

You'll certainly be getting MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE than $497 worth of marketing, publicity, visibility and traffic every month.

Our agreement is month to month. If you wish, you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. (Of course, why would you want to if you’re monetizing your message, your subscriber list is growing and your traffic is increasing?)

I want to keep things very simple, make it a win-win-win for everyone and help you see a return on your investment very quickly.  

Keep in mind people pay $2,000 and more for our Keyphrase Research...and we're giving you it FREE. We sell a one-time ad in our newsletter for $200 and a solo email for a minimum of $1,000…and you get MORE than this EVERY MONTH for a fraction of the price.

All that being said, what is your next step?

Please click here to complete the short, easy application so we can get started at making it happen for you. I will personally contact you to have a friendly, fun and energizing conversation about you and your expertise.

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 Culture Expert Application

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Culture Expert Webinar

If you have any questions, would like 1:1 support or I could help you, you can call me at 715-868-1110.

Blessings of Love and Light,


Lori Prokop, Co-founder
Keyboard Culture Blog Community

P.S. Act now to complete the short, easy application and tell us all about you and your expertise. We have thousands of visitors who may be interested in you and your message.

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 Culture Expert Application

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