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Are you prepared to use your preferred colors and effects to illuminate your gaming computer?

So, you are in the right place. Yes, I am aware that the majority of the apps for regulating the lighting give you issues (even provided by the official websites).

But do not fret:

You can get the 100% functional version of Aura Sync from ASUS’s official page. And we will give you straightforward instructions about aura sync download, enabling you to sync your RGB components.

What Is Aura Sync?

One of the most popular options for controlling RGB lights is Aura Sync.

Despite being created, distributed, and maintained by ASUS, Aura Sync users can use the software’s functionality to link and control the lighting of other hardware components in their system, even if those components are made by a different sub-brand (ROG, TUF, etc.)

Over a dozen various effects, including static lighting, quick flashing, and sound-based color changes, are available in the Aura Sync software for controlling the lighting on your RGB components.

The software allows you to control the LED illumination of your component. You may also alter their hues and use a variety of attractive effects to showcase your stunning gaming PC and learn more.

If you love RGB lighting and your PC has at least one or more of these components, then it goes without saying that you need this software.

Let us look where you may discover the aura sync download source and its features.

Keys Feature Of Aura Sync Software

Your RGB gaming PC will have access to some fantastic capabilities after you download the Asus lighting control software. That sounds intriguing. Following the Asus sync download, you will receive the following extra features:

  • It functions with various RGB devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, headset, speakers, ram, computer cases, graphics cards, fans, LED strips, etc.
  • It offers 16,000,000 different color schemes.
  • Profiles can be modified for later use.
  • You may give several zones a variety of colors and effects.
  • Different profiles are supported for various states, including boot-up, awake, sleep, etc.
  • Additionally, it works with Hue lights.

Aura Sync Download Is Free Of Charge

Aura Sync Utility is a Windows computer utility offered without usage limitations under a freeware license. The most recent version of this PC program is available for free download and installation.

Asus Aura Sync Download For Free

The manufacturer’s official website is the best place to download any hardware control software. This is a common occurrence with ASUS Aura Sync.

You must first be aware that ASUS has created two utility apps that are very similar to one another. The tools Aura Creator and Aura Sync.

The Aura Sync tool is all you need if you only want to use pre-made lighting profiles and effects for your RGB components. The Aura Creator is also required if you wish to design gorgeous lighting profiles with your RGB style.

We advise using the Aura Sync program only if you do not want to generate your lighting profiles.

  • Launch any online browser first, then navigate the official Asus website to start the Asus aura sync download process.
  • Then, from there, choose a version, and make sure to pick the most recent version. The software for the Asus aura will now launch.
  • After downloading the file, go to the downloading place and unzip it. Locate the file labeled “Setup” among the multiple files you discover after unzipping.
  • Once you have downloaded the Asus Aura Sync package file, you need to click on the installation or setup file and then use the right-click menu to select “Extract.”
  • Look for the “atkexComSvc” and “axlns” files. Click on them with caution. The application can then be installed by double-clicking on the installation file.
  • When the installation is complete and prompted, restart the computer.
  • The procedure is relatively easy to understand. So, be sure to follow the steps exactly.

How To Use Aura Sync Downloaded From ASUS Website?

  • Launch the Asus Aura Sync program in administrator mode.
  • Mark the devices and accessories you want to link with Asus Aura.
  • To light up your RGB components, set the ON/OFF button to ON.
  • From the left side panel, select Lighting effects.
  • Use the color wheel to adjust the Lighting’s hue.
  • Drag the Speed bar at the bottom of the window to alter the speed of the lighting effect and transitions.
  • Check To display the colors in reverse order, check the box next to Reverse.
  • To save the lighting profile, click on Apply.
  • To reverse your actions, choose to undo them.
  • To return to the default lighting configurations, click Default

You can turn one or all of the RGB lightning’s components off by simply “switching off” the button in the panel’s top-right corner if you ever become sick of the colors or want to pause it for a moment.


Why is Asus Aura Software not opening?

When you double-click the shortcut icon for the Asus aura sync program, it might occasionally not open. Sometimes, improper installation and damaged installation files result in this. To resolve this problem, you need a reliable setup file.

How To Use Aura Sync To Synchronize Incompatible Components?

If your motherboard is not aura sync compatible, use a ROG Aura Terminal. Aura sync-compatible LED strips should be used in place of the RGB LED strips in the non-compatible components. Connect the LED strips to the suitable motherboard or the ROG Aura Terminal (if your motherboard is incompatible with aura sync).

What is ARGB?

Addressable RGB is its abbreviation. ARGB, in the context of PC lighting, refers to the ability of the components to display multiple lighting colors simultaneously and to produce a rainbow-like effect.

A single RGB component cannot achieve several effects that addressable RGB can.

Final Words

This is our guide about Aura Sync Software download, which can be downloaded from the ASUS official website. You now understand how to operate one of the most well-liked RGB lighting control programs in the PC world.

Hopefully, this article was simple enough to help you personalize the lighting on your PC so you can play games, listen to music, or unwind while admiring the aesthetics of your RGB components functioning in unison.


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