download bluestack offline

The Android mobile operating system and in particular its official Google Play app store offer us many tools, games and applications to use on our smartphone or tablet. There are millions of apps available and they cover any need we might have on our cell phone.

But what if we want to use the same apps in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10? Well, the easiest thing is to resort to an Android emulator like BlueStacks App Player, from where we can run any APK file on our PC to be able to play mobile games like Pokémon GO, Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga, or apps that we usually use on our smartphone, like Snapchat or Instagram.

download bluestack offline

Main features

  • Emulation of games and applications for Android.
  • Integration with the camera to use applications such as Snapchat or Instagram.
  • Supports x86 and ARM architectures.
  • Integration with microphone, mouse, keyboard and touch screens (multitouch).
  • Double-click APK launches.
  • Bluetooth support for faster file transfer between computer and phone.
  • Mirroring to other devices, such as TV.
  • Synchronization with custom Google Play services.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Ability to synchronize with your phone via BlueStacks Cloud Connect by entering a PIN code.
  • Portable version that does not require installation.

BlueStacks vs. the competition. Better than Andy and YouWave?

This is obviously not the only Android emulator for the PC. There are many other counterparts for running apps and games developed for the operating system from Google on a Windows PC. The most popular are Nox, Genymotion, Andy or YouWave. But is this one better than the other analogs?

The option we offer you is the easiest to install any kind of Android app on your computer, but it may not be the most suitable for certain configurations. Although it does the job, it is better to use Andy to emulate games, besides offering more features, such as the ability to receive push notifications from apps on our desktop.

On the other hand, YouWave is more suitable for advanced users from a technological point of view, who are looking for a complete experience when it comes to emulating an Android phone, with access to a full user interface and the ability to rotate the screen as if we were working with a real phone. However, it does have one big problem: it is a pay-per-view.

How do I play Pokémon GO on my computer with BlueStacks?

As we said before, the ability to play mobile games on the computer using the mouse and keyboard is one of the greatest advantages of this type of software. And playing the most popular game of the year, as in the case of Pokémon GO, is also possible with this emulator. But not only will you be able to play the game from Niantic, you’ll also be able to customize it so that you can virtually travel the world hunting pokémon from the comfort of your own home. You only need to follow these instructions:

  1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your computer.
  2. Disable the device camera from the registry editor.
  3. Get root rights for the device you want to emulate using the KingRoot app.
  4. Install Lucky Patcher.
  5. Get a good spoofer to create false locations, Fly GPS.
  6. Download and install the Pokémon GO APK.
  7. Run Fly GPS in expert mode and select a fake location.
  8. Start catching Pokémon around the world.

Now, you are probably asking yourself where to download this emulator to your PC. Look no further, here is the link to get the latest and fastest version of this emulation software.

What’s new in the latest version: BlueStacks 5

download bluestack offline

BlueStacks 5 has been greatly improved when compared to BlueStacks 4 and even BlueStacks 3. On the one hand, the technology used allows us to maximize the performance of our PC in terms of graphical visualization. And on the other hand, it also allows us to run multiple Android applications simultaneously, almost becoming multitasking.

We also can not forget that it has managed to adapt to the most modern mobile games such as MOBA or Battle Royale, offering us customizable keyboard and mouse combinations that perfectly emulate the native controls of these two genres. So the gaming experience on Windows is virtually the same as the one we enjoy on a smartphone or tablet.


Thus, many users use BlueStacks to play PUBG Mobile on Windows PC, as it is the cheapest way to install PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC and play one of the hits of the year without paying a penny to Steam. For this reason, Tencent didn’t hesitate to launch its own emulator to let us play PUBG for free, and compete with BlueStacks.

Finally, we should note that this new version adds support for Android 7 Nougat, which is a welcome aspect for many users.

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