Display managers exist to help you manage multiple displays in an efficient and organized manner. Dell Display Manager (DDM) is one such solution that makes it easy to manage multiple displays with minimal effort. Dell Display Manager download is also easy.

DDM offers a streamlined and intuitive user experience, giving you the ability to customize the layout of your displays with just a few clicks. With DDM, you can create multiple display profiles, configure the resolution and orientation of the displays, and even assign different applications to each display.

Whether you’re a professional or a casual user, DDM provides a convenient and powerful way to organize and manage your displays. Now, you can download Dell Display Manager for free. Download DDM today and make the most out of your multiple displays.

Features of Dell Display Monitor Manager

Dell display manager provides you with optimal front-of-screen experience and easy effortless multitasking. It will improve the work experience from home, the office, the hybrid workspace and the meeting room collaboration space. Here are its features.

Easy Arrange Feature

With the Easy Arrange menu, you will be able to organize the applications window on your monitor very easily. You can select any predefined layouts to split the screen into multiple zones. Then, you can just drag the application to the zone to position it there. The application will take its place in the selected zone.

easy arrange
Easy Arrange

Application Windows Snap

This helps you put a program quickly to a place on the screen. If you enable the Application Windows Snap in Dell Display Manager 2.0, then you can just drag the application window, and it will trigger a floating menu.

The menu contains the Easy Arrange layouts that were used recently. Just drop the application in any of these layouts and your window placement will be done. Easy Arrange even automatically detects if your monitor is in portrait mode and adjusts the layout accordingly.

Application Window Snap
                                              Application Window Snap

KVM Feature

With this Dell Monitor Manager feature, you will be able to use the same mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. Setting up the KVM is also easy with the USB KVM wizard.

You can use the KVM feature if the connected monitors are compatible with KVM functionality.

You can create shortcuts to effortlessly toggle between the devices when working on them together.


Hybrid Workspace Features

Whether you’re working in a hybrid workspace or at home, auto KVM support allows you to seamlessly connect a second PC to a Dell monitor with another PC already connected.

When you connect the second PC to the monitor through a USB-C cable, the feature switches over all data and video controls from the existing pc to the second PC.

And when you disconnect the second PC, auto KVM switches all data and video controls back to the existing PC connected to the monitor.

Auto Restore Window Layout Settings

Enable the auto-restore window layout setting. With this enabled, if you disconnect and take your machine somewhere else and then when you return, your open window positions and easy arranged layouts will restore.

Powernap Feature

The power nap feature can detect when your system screen saver appears. So, instead of leaving the screen powered on and using energy, you can use the Powernap options to put the display to sleep or to decrease the brightness.

Features For IT Admins

Dell Display Manager includes special features for IT admins. IT admins can use monitor remote control on large PC networks connected with many monitors.

With this feature, they can perform centralized monitor controls with a single command input such as performing factory resets, and setting brightness levels to all monitors attached to the clients. It also allows IT admin to place all monitors on low-power standby mode.

Additionally, monitor asset management allows IT admin to create asset management reports in specified file formats return number of monitors supported by DDM software, and retrieve total monitor active hours.

Color Management

With DDM 2.0, you can sync the monitor’s color space with allied ICC or International Color Consortium profile.

Benefits of Dell Display Manager

Dell Display Manager is an intuitive software application that allows you to quickly and conveniently configure and manage multiple Dell monitors at once.

With this software, you can easily optimize your viewing experience with various display settings, such as brightness, contrast, and resolution.

You can even customize your display arrangement to make working with multiple monitors more comfortable. You can also use Dell Display Manager to quickly align and arrange multiple monitors for a multi-screen workstation.

This software is free to download and use, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to make the most of their Dell monitors.

Compatible Monitors

Dell Display Manager is compatible with Dell monitors. From basic flat panels to advanced curved screens, it supports a wide range of monitors and can even detect when you plug in a new monitor.

Windows 10 build 17763 or newer or Windows 11 is required for Dell Display Manager 2.0. However, some displays only support DDM 1.X. Check out the list here to find which one your monitor supports.

Free Of Charge

Using the Dell Display Manager doesn’t cost you anything. Despite being so useful, it is still free to use for anyone.

How To Download And Install Dell Display Manager

Downloading and installing Dell Display Manager is simple and easy.

From the Dell website, click on download the new version of Dell Display Manager.

Download Dell Display Manager From Here
Dell Display Manager Page

You’ll be directed to the drivers and downloads page where you can enter your monitor name in the search bar find the link under the drivers and downloads tab download the installation file and launch to install in a few easy clicks.

DDM Download Page
DDM Download Page


Q: Is Dell Display Manager for free?

A: Yes, Dell Display Manager is free.

Q: Is Dell Display Manager software safe?

A: Yes, Dell Display Manager software is totally safe.

Q: What is Dell Display Manager is used for?

A: Dell Display Manager software is used for managing a monitor or a set of monitors.


In conclusion, Dell Display Manager is a convenient and helpful software solution for those who have a Dell monitor. It allows users to easily customize settings, create profiles, and organize windows. It also offers an intuitive user interface and the ability to save the settings which are important to you. Downloading Dell Display Manager is the perfect way to get the most out of your Dell monitor.

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