LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) is a graphical programming language tool for any engineer who needs to quickly and efficiently access hardware and data insights. With LabVIEW, complex hardware integration tasks become streamlined, allowing engineers to focus on the task at hand rather than worry about the technicalities of programming. 


LabVIEW is designed to be user-friendly and provides a consistent way to acquire data from NI and third-party hardware. This helps ensure that all of your engineering projects will be completed quickly and accurately, no matter what hardware you use. Do you want to know all about this program and how you can buy this for free? Read more :


  • Easier – Engineering systems become easier with LabVIEW, allowing engineers to focus on solving real-world problems instead of spending time programming manually.
  • Multiple uses – It is widely used in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemical engineering, energy production, and more. 
  • Quick data collection – LabVIEW allows users to quickly build virtual instruments that can collect data from various sources, such as sensors and machines. 
  • Powerful platform – It also provides a powerful platform for creating applications that can analyze and display the collected data in meaningful ways. 
  • Easy to use – With its user-friendly graphical interface, LabVIEW makes it easy to develop custom software applications without the need for a programming experience.  


Organizations use Labview in all industries to reduce engineering costs, accelerate innovation, and improve product quality. But how much does this program cost? 


The price of Labview software depends on your organization’s needs. Depending on the version you choose, a single-user license will cost from $1,799 to $2,999. A multi-seat license can be purchased at a discounted rate if you have multiple users in your organization who need access to the program. The price of a multi-seat license can vary depending on the number of users and the type of license purchased. 


If your organization needs additional software products or services such as custom programming or training services then additional fees may apply. Additionally, Labview offers subscription plans that include access to all versions and technical support for an annual fee. 


Ultimately, the cost of Labview depends on your organization’s specific needs. However, for most organizations, it is an invaluable tool that yields significant returns on investment over time by improving product quality and speeding up innovation.

How to download and install

If you are looking to expand your technical skill set, Labview is an excellent choice. As a graphical programming language, Labview makes it easy to create custom applications that can interact with data acquisition systems and embedded controllers. Here we’ll discuss how you can get labview download and install it on your computer. 

  1. The first step in the Labview download is to visit the official website. Here, you will find options for purchasing the software as well as downloading a free trial version. 
  2. Once you have made your purchase or chosen to download the free trial, simply follow the instructions provided on-screen to complete the process. 
  3. Once you have downloaded the installer file for Labview, double-click on it to start the installation process. 
  4. Depending on the version of Labview download or purchase, several steps may need to be completed before the installation is finished. 
  5. Follow these steps carefully for everything to be installed correctly. 

Once all the necessary files have been installed and configured, your computer is now ready for use with Labview! You can start by exploring some of the sample programs included with your installation package, or create your custom applications from scratch using one of the many development tools available from National Instruments.

Frequently asked questions

Is LabVIEW free?

LabVIEW is not free; however, there are several options available to those who would like to use the software. Here are a few:  

  • The first option for those who would like to use LabVIEW is to purchase a license. A standard license allows users to install LabVIEW on one computer, while a site license allows users to install it on multiple computers within a company or organization. Prices vary depending on the number of licenses purchased. 
  • Another option for using LabVIEW is through National Instruments’ Academic Platforms program, which provides free software licenses for students, educators, and researchers. This program offers access to LabVIEW at no cost for educational purposes only. 
  • Finally, several websites offer trial versions of the software for free download. They may limit these trials in terms of features or time-based restrictions, but they still provide an opportunity for users to explore some capabilities of LabVIEW without having to purchase a license. 

Is LabVIEW software safe?

The safety of any application depends on the design of the code as well as how it is deployed in an environment. As a result, LabVIEW has several built-in safety features that ensure a secure environment for your applications. For example, all system variables are private by default so only allowed personnel can access them. Similarly, there are several security levels available that allow administrators to customize the security settings for their applications as needed.


Besides these built-in safety features, LabVIEW also provides comprehensive documentation and support resources. This enables users to quickly get up to speed with the platform’s capabilities and best practices for developing robust, secure applications. LabVIEW has a thriving developer community which makes it easier for users to find answers when they need help with their projects. 

What is LabVIEW used for?

LabVIEW is a software platform used by scientists, engineers, and other professionals to develop sophisticated applications quickly and easily. With LabVIEW, users can create graphical programming solutions that can control hardware, analyze data, and develop sophisticated user interfaces. With its powerful set of tools, LabVIEW enables users to build safely and reliably.


LabVIEW is often used in research and development laboratories to collect real-time data from experiments and tests. It enables researchers to rapidly design prototypes of new systems or algorithms by connecting various components with drag-and-drop blocks on a graphical programming canvas. The code generated by LabVIEW can then be tested and refined until the desired system behavior is achieved. By connecting equipment such as oscilloscopes and multimeters to an automated system based on LabVIEW, engineers can quickly create an efficient testing process that provides consistent results with accurate data.

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