Are you looking for a way to practice playing the piano without having to spend hours at the instrument? If yes, then Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard might be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The virtual piano has become a very common tool for musicians who want to improve their skills or simply enjoy practicing music. There are several types of virtual pianos out there, but they all share some basic features. For example, they usually allow you to record your performance and listen back to it later. They also provide a visual representation of the notes on the screen.


With Virtual onscreen MIDI Piano Keyboard, you don’t even need to touch the real thing. All you need to do is press keys on your computer keyboard to play the notes. This means you can practice anytime, anywhere and from almost any device.


Keyword pianos are keyboards that allow you to play virtual instruments like guitar, drums, bass, violin, etc. They are very popular among musicians and music lovers.

In this article we’ll talk about Virtual onscreen MIDI Piano Keyboard – a software application that allows you to play virtual piano keys on your computer.


 1. What Is Keyword Piano Software?

Keyword pianos let you play musical notes on your computer by mapping keyboard buttons to the MIDI instrument.

You can also use these applications to learn how to play different instruments.

 2. How Does Virtual onscreen MIDI Piano Keyboard Work?

Virtual onscreen  MIDI Piano Keyboard uses the standard MIDI protocol to communicate with your computer.

It maps keyboard buttons to the MIDI channel assigned to the instrument.

This makes it possible to play virtual instruments on your computer.

 3. Why Should I Use Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard?

Virtual onscreen MIDI Piano Keyboards are useful for learning how to play different instruments, practicing, composing songs, playing games, etc.

They are also helpful when you want to practice specific techniques or scales.

 4. Where Can I Download Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard?

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is available for download here.

 5. How Much Does Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard Cost?

Virtual onscreen MIDI Piano Keys is totally free.


How to install Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

Keyword Piano is a virtual instrument software application that allows users to play music via MIDI files. Keyword Piano is a very simple tool, but it does allow you to compose music and perform it on your computer.

This article shows you how to install and configure the Virtual onscreen MIDI Piano Keyboard.


Step 1: Download and extract the ZIP archive containing the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard installer package here.

Step 2: Run the setup executable inside the extracted folder. Follow the instructions displayed on screen.

Step 3: When prompted, select the language and location settings. Click Next when done.

Step 4: Select the installation type. Choose Custom Installation if you wish to customize the installation process. Otherwise, click Next.

Step 5: Specify the destination directory for the installation. Click Next.

Step 6: Accept the license agreement and click Finish.

Step 7: Wait until the installation completes.

Step 8: Restart your system.

Step 9: Launch the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard application.

Step 10: To access the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard interface, open the Start menu and search for Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard. Once launched, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the configuration.

Features Of OnScreen MIDI Keyboard :

* Play Music On Screen Using External Devices Like Keyboards, Synthesizers, Drum Machines And More!

* Use Any Standard MIDI Interface To Connect To External Devices

* Supports Multiple Input Channels

* Support All Major Operating Systems Including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Mac OS X

* No Installation Required

* Easy To Use

* Works Great With Any Audio Software

* Simple But Powerful

* Compatible With All Types Of Hardware

* 100% Safe And Virus Free


The Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard allows you to play piano notes on your computer keyboard. You can use it to compose music, learn how to play piano, or just practice your skills. This app uses the same technology used in professional pianos.

Features include:

  • Play melodies and chords
  • Change key and tempo
  • Adjust volume
  • Record and playback
  • Export MIDI files

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