Now you can stop attacks that are unknown and are not detected by regular antivirus software or ban web pages that can infect your computer automatically. Defend your computer from emails with dangerous programs attached. Quick heal internet security essentials download can help you with this; it is a great tool. We will delve into the specifics of quick heal internet security essentials download in this article.

What Is Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials Downloads?

Quick Heal is an all-in-one PC internet security program that is free to use, unlike other internet security programs. It has robust security features that protect you against online attacks that could harm you.

We must send and receive emails in today’s digital world, communicate with pals on social media sites, conduct online business via PayPal or banks, etc.

Internet browsing is enjoyable, but it is critical to remember that all websites are safe to browse. All malicious websites that might damage your computer are blocked.

Your computer’s Quick Heal powerful scanning engine scans more files and folders in less time. Email security tools prevent spam and malicious emails from getting to your inbox.

Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials Downloads features are not limited to this; there is a lot more to discuss it. Let’s dive into the details.

Key Features Of Quick Heal Internet Security Essential

Protection from Ransomware: Real-time, multi-layer protection against ransomware with clever tools for data backup and restoration.

Virus and malware defense: Multi-layered defense against malware, viruses, phishing, and zero-day threats.

Innovative DNAScan: Utilizing behavioral and characteristic inspection, find and eliminate undiscovered hazards.

Internet Security: By protecting yourself from sophisticated threats, enjoy a secure browsing experience.

IDS/IPS: Examine the signatures of known cyberattacks on your network and take steps to block them.

Protection for external drives: Stops any malware from infecting your system using external drives.

Extensive Scans: To find and remove malware and other potential dangers from your computer, anti-malware software performs extensive scans.

Preventing Data Theft: Stop data theft by limiting unauthorized access to USB ports.

Firewall Technology: To safeguard you against viruses, Windows OS features also has a built-in firewall. It features a built-in firewall that guards users’ computers against outside dangers that try to access the internet. Additionally, it blocks any dangers that might develop on any network connected to your system.

Parental Control: Give your children a secure browsing environment by limiting access to inappropriate websites and apps.

Safe Banking Feature: Advanced Safe Banking feature to safeguard your online banking and shopping activity.

Vulnerability analysis: Find the best solution by scanning your system for security and vulnerability flaws.

Anti-Keylogger: Defend against hackers stealing your info without your permission.

Smart Scan: Without slowing down the system, the Smart Scan Engine quickly scans files and directories.

Wifi Scanner: No matter where you connect, check the security of your router and Wi-Fi network.

Track Cleaner: Clear the file and document trails you create to avoid privacy violations.

Hijack Restore: Restoring the virus or spyware-modified default browser settings is simple.

Flash Drive Protection: Infections are frequently transferred from one PC to another via flash drives. One of the frequent infections that most PC users encounter is the Autorun infection.

Before receiving or uploading data into the flash drives, it automatically examines the external devices for risks and performs a clean-up.

Track My Laptop: If your laptop is lost or stolen, Quick Heal Total Security antivirus allows you to trace it down. To make use of this service, all you have to do is register your active Quick Heal antivirus program license key at the Track My Laptop website.

Users who do not use Quick Heal must register their laptop’s mac ID. You can add an extra degree of security while conducting online banking transactions by making your account protected.

Advanced DNAScan technology: Combines behavioral and characteristic inspection with hazardous program monitoring and may identify and thwart unidentified dangers.

Download And Install Quick Heal Internet Security Essential

  •     Ensure that your computer or laptop satisfies the system requirements of the application, game, or utility you wish to install.
  •     “Quick Heal” can be downloaded using any web browser. If the browser has not been set up. A web browser built into your operating system
  •     Select “Download Quick Heal” from the tab. Install Quick Heal after downloading it
  •     “Download” is written in a blue box; click on it. Then click “Download Quick Heal.”
  •     Discover the.exe file that you just downloaded.
  •     After downloading, choose Run to launch the installation right away.
  •     The service’s terms should be carefully read, after which click Accept to install.
  •     If a computer reboot is requested after installing a new program, heed the request. You can now launch the application.

Download Specs

License: Free Trial

Platform: Windows OS

Language: English

File Size: 611- 615 MB

Downloads: 4,972

Developer: Quick Heal


How to change the version of your quick heal product?

To alter the product version being downloaded, click the Options button. The Quick Heal product is available in different versions. The version that matches the architecture of your operating system will automatically be chosen for download.

Please take note that the Options button will become inactive after the download has started, making it impossible for the user to alter the version that needs to be downloaded. Beginners may skip this stage.

What Is a quick heal setup downloader?

On slower Internet connections, Quick Heal Setup Downloader is a tool that enables intelligent and effective product download. Quick Heal Setup Downloader offers the Pause feature, which allows you to use the speed for other online activities while momentarily pausing the download activity. After the task is finished, you can continue downloading.

Final Words

This is all about quick heal internet security essentials download, a tool that provides ideal protection against malware or virus and so on. We hope you now have a better understanding of quick heal internet security essentials and how to download it on your PC. We hope you find this guide helpful.



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