We have seen immense development in the media and entertainment industry. These types of things were only enjoyed in person, but technology made it possible for all to enjoy the excitement and joy from their comfort zone. We have seen the applications range from movie players, music players, streaming players, and even karaoke players. Karaoke is basically the type of music Japanese sings in a room with their friends. 

What if we tell you there is a great app by which you can perform karaoke along with your favourite tracks? There is an app called Star Maker. This app has managed to make a name for itself among karaoke players and you would know why when you use it.

The StarMaker software enables users to sing along with their friends and capture high-quality audio while doing so, and it has one of the best song catalogues. Through the app, you can easily communicate with loved ones and share your experiences with them.

There are a ton of karaoke software options available for Windows, including siglos, one karaoke, karafun, karaoke five, and many others. But Starmaker wins the prize for the top karaoke program.

There are a total of three ways to download the StarMaker app on your pc for free, but we will tell you the best one to make it easy for you to install this app. The best way to install StarMarker on a PC for free is by using BlueStacks App. 

Download and Install StarMaker from BlueStacks

The app is available on both Apple and Android platforms. So, to download it on your PC follow the following steps.

A ground-breaking piece of software called BlueStacks allows users to simulate the Android environment on their computer. The free software is easily downloaded from the BlueStacks official website and is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

When you have opened the BlueStacks website, just click on the download button to download the setup file for the app. Remember this app is free of cost so you won’t have to make any type of payment.

When the file is downloaded, simply open it, and install the app. By opening the app an installation wizard will pop up to guide you through the whole installation process. It would be better if you had enough storage in the installation directory since the application may use some space there, preventing installation failure.

Download The StarMaker APK File

You must first download the apk file to your computer in order to install the StarMaker application. The majority of apk download websites, including UpToDown, ApkMania, and ApkMonk among others, offer the application for free download.

The apk file’s icon transforms to a BlueStacks-designed icon when it has been successfully downloaded. This is done to demonstrate a connection to the BlueStacks emulator. At this point, you can double-click the apk file to start the installation process. Similar to Android devices, the installation might take a short while to complete.

Launch the App

After installation, you can access the app right away by going to the BlueStacks emulator. To view all installed applications, select the app drawer icon on the emulator. After that, you can click to launch the StarMaker application by navigating there. The application interface will open when you launch it, giving you access to all of its features.

Is the StarMaker App Safe?

The SatrMaker App is completely safe as it is one of the most successful karaoke apps present. The APK file might contain some bugs, but we have chosen the best sites for you to download them. So, you can download the app without any concerns and enjoy singing with your friends. Not only the app is completely safe, but it is also free to use too. With Starmaker for PC, recording, creating covers, and uploading are all free. 

StarMaker is one of the best karaoke apps that lets you sing your favourite songs with your friends for free and is safe to download on your PC. What would you want more? This is it for the guide to downloading the Starmaker app on your PC for free. Hopefully, you will have a great time using this app and enjoy the karaoke experience.


Although the app is available on android and IOS for free you can also download it for free on your PC. First simply download and install the app from Bluestaks, one of the most trusted software that allows users to simulate the android environment on their computer. Then download the apk file from either of the three websites told in the guide and then launch the StarMaker app on your computer.

Moreover, the StarMaker app is free to use and is completely safe. Users can use this app without concerns and enjoy the in-person karaoke experience while being in their comfort zone. Install the app and enjoy the new thrill.

By Daniyal

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