Over 30 million traders and investors use TradingView, the market-leading charting software, each month. According to many TradingView is one of the greatest stock screeners and the best stock research tools. It is one of the greatest stock screeners for a reason of course. With its social network and charting platform, TradingView, cryptocurrency traders and investors can now have unrivaled access to information on the state of the world’s financial markets.

This financial platform has been able to establish a solid reputation as a reliable resource for investing, identifying emerging market trends and business prospects, and creating fresh perspectives on global crypto and financial developments.

Tradingview Features

We can undoubtedly say that the best feature Tradingview provides is its customizable chart engine. This engine is extremely potent, modern-styled, and can be customized according to the user. The customizable option gives users unmatched access to both the historical and current situation of the markets. With over 8 million scripts and ideas contributed by its big community, it even improves viewports, data collecting, and display as one may construct a customized dashboard with very flexible charts.

Among all trading, investment, and analytical platforms, the TradingView functions are some of the best and most comprehensive. The Basic plan has several free features that can be used.

However, once you require more features like multiple charts, customized time intervals, real-time market data, multiple timeframes, data exports, or advanced chart types, a paid plan like Pro, Pro+, or Premium makes sense. TradingView also offers extended trading hours, scanning that is tailored to your trading strategies, and a fantastic community.

Moreover, TradingView is available as a desktop software installation, a mobile app, and a browser-based version that functions on any device.

With sophisticated charting tools and analytical capabilities, TradingView is a platform with a technical analysis focus. Different chart formats, time periods, technical indicators, trade volume information, and research tools are available for users to select from. Users can also employ strong sketching tools and alternate between a bright and dark mode for visualization.

Main Features to Point Out

The following are the main features of Tradingview you can use:

  • Native support for multiple monitors
  • Join 30 million other investors and traders
  • 8 charts maximum per tab
  • The top 100 pre-built indicators
  • 100,000+ locally constructed indications
  • 50+ intelligent sketching tools
  • Profile indications for volume

How to Access Trading View

TradingView can be accessible from three different platforms: a web browser, a standalone Windows PC client, and touch-friendly applications for iOS and Android.

You can just simply access it from the website, but if you want more convenience, you can download the app on your PC for free or even on your mobile phone. To download the Tradingview app on your PC for free simply just download by clicking on the download button and go along with the process as it is really simple.

The TradingView Desktop platform offers more strength, speed, and adaptability. The desktop platform allows traders to create multiple tabs that can contain a variety of charts and supports native multi-monitor support. One layout can be created for each monitor, for instance, if a trader has six monitors. Each layout can display different data and charts.

The platform’s creators don’t care if users trade and are active in the markets. Instead, they are only concerned with offering top-notch tools for market analysis, social tools that encourage simple idea sharing, and tools for extensive customization of charts and other listing services.

Is Tradingview Free to Use?

Trading is entirely free to download but to use the app you will have to buy monthly subscriptions. You will get access to the demo account with unlimited money but then you will have to pay on monthly basis to use the app’s entire features and enjoy them. 

If you don’t want to spend money, then you use TradingView basic but with that, you will be able to open only one chart. While with TradingView Premium you could open up to 8 charts simultaneously per screen, where each chart can have different stock symbols, time frames, and technical indicators.

One-minute to monthly charts may be configured as custom time intervals for Pro-subscribers, and Premium subscribers can even utilize second-based time intervals. Pro-subscribers can also export the chart data. Users also get direct access to live trading tools and may trade immediately from charts via broker interfaces.

TradingView is funded by set monthly subscription fees rather than taking a commission on trades or charging any other extra fees. So, it is a better option for you rather than different fees and getting a deduction from your trades.

Moreover, Tradingview is completely safe to use. The security of this app is perfect, and users can use it without having concerns.


Tradingview is an excellent app for traders and investors as it provides everything they look for. The features are excellent, and the app is extremely user-friendly. The basic version doesn’t allow much access to the features but can be used for trading. On the other hand, the premium allows users some extraordinary features that they could use and trade better. 

The app is completely safe as over 30 million traders and investors use this app on a monthly basis. There are 100 pre-built indicators, 100,000+ locally constructed indications, more than 50 intelligent sketching tools, and 8 charts on one tab. This makes it super easy for the users. You can download the desktop version for free as it offers more strength, speed, and adaptability. Hopefully, you will have a great time using this app.

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