Filezilla is a free and open-source File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application through which you can easily upload, download, and manage files on your web host account. As it is an open-source application, many users consider it an insecure application or deem it a virus, but this is not the case as it has been providing a safe platform for file transfer to users for a long time.

The good part is that Filezilla not only supports FTP but clients can connect to SFTP servers as well. You can easily use this application on all the popular operating systems particularly Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Using and Configuring Filezilla for File Transfer

Filezilla is quite easy to install and once installed, it is also convenient to use it. Let us share some easy steps with you:

  1. Launch Filezilla on your computer.
  2. Go to the File menu, select Site Manager and click on New Site.
  3. In the Protocol box, select SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol.
  4. In the Host box, enter the address of the server you wish to connect to.
  5. In the Port box, type 22.
  6. Select Ask for Password in the Logon Type box and enter your username in the User box.
  7. Click Connect to connect immediately or press OK to connect later.

These are the simple steps that will help you in quickly manage and upload files on your web host account.


By looking at all these steps, it becomes quite evident that Filezilla is absolutely free to use which is not only convenient for installation but also quite handy for the users. Filezilla is supported by a big community which makes it highly trustworthy for all interested persons and if you are one among them, you should download it in the first place to manage your files.

Are you in need of managing your files? Click here and download Filezilla.

By Haseeb

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