Scratch 2.0 is a free web development tool that allows anyone to create their own interactive stories, games, animations, music, or art. The program was originally created by MIT Media Lab researchers who wanted to give everyone access to programming tools.

Scratch 2.0 has become very popular since its release in 2014. In fact, it now boasts over 20 million registered users worldwide. This makes it one of the most widely used educational software programs ever developed.


It’s no secret that coding skills are becoming essential for every job today. If you want to get ahead in your career, learning basic computer science concepts is key. And thanks to Scratch 2.0, you don’t even need to go through college to start developing apps.

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Scratch 2.0 is a web based programming environment developed by MIT Media Lab. Scratch was originally created in 2007 as a tool for teaching children basic computer science concepts. Since its inception, Scratch has grown to become a popular platform for learning coding and creating interactive stories.

In 2014, Scratch 2.0 was released as open source software under the GNU General Public License version 3.0.

This article will explain what Scratch 2.0 is used to accomplish and how it differs from previous versions.


 1. What Is Scratch 2.0 Used For?

Scratch 2.o is a web based programming language that allows users to create animations, games, music, and art projects. It uses drag and drop blocks to build simple scripts and connect them together to make more complex projects. Users can also import images, audio files, videos, and text to create multimedia content.

 2. How Does Scratch 2.0 Differ From Previous Versions?

Previous versions of Scratch were only able to run on computers running Windows operating systems. Scratch 2.0 runs on all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

 3. Why Should I Use Scratch 2.0?

Scratch 2 is a powerful tool for beginners and experts alike. Its intuitive interface makes it easier to learn than traditional languages like C++ and Java. Additionally, it provides a visual representation of code so users can easily understand what they’re doing.

FAQ on scratch 2.0

Scratch 2.0 is a web application development platform created by MIT Media Lab. Scratch was originally developed in 2007 as a tool for teaching programming concepts to children ages 8–14. Since its inception, Scratch has grown into a powerful open source software project that allows anyone to easily build interactive stories, games, animations, music, and much more.

In 2019, Scratch 2.0 released version 3.0, which included some significant changes. Here’s a quick overview of what these changes mean for educators and developers.


 1. Does Scratch 2.0 now supports multiple languages?

Previously, Scratch supported only English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Dutch. Now, users can choose between English, Spanish, French and German.

 2. Does Scratch 2.o now supports multiple platforms?.

Previously, Scratcch supported only Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi. Now, users can select among Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Arch Linux, Raspbian, and Chromebook.

 3. Does Scratch 2.O now supports multiple operating systems.?

Previously, Scatch supported only Windows, MacOSX, and Linux. Now, users can also run Scratch on Chrome OS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U.

 4. Does Scratch 2. 0 now supports multiple browsers.

Previously, Scetch supported only Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome. Now, users can access Scratch via Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

 5.Does  Scratch 2. O now supports multiple devices.

Previously, Scritch supported only desktop computers. Now, users can run Scratch on mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, and game consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

 6. Does Scratch 2. o now supports multiple coding languages.?

Previously, users could only code in JavaScript. Now, users can write programs in Python, Java, C++, Ruby, ActionScript, Processing, and HTML/CSS.

 7. Does  Scratch 2. 00 now supports multiple art styles.?

Previously, Scritch supported only vector graphics. Now, users can draw in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, and Affinity Designer.



Scratch 2.o is a web based programming language that allows users to create animated stories, games, music, and much more. Users can drag and drop blocks onto the screen to create custom code. Once completed, these codes can be saved and shared with others.

For example, let’s say you wanted to make a video game. Using Scratch, you could design a character, set up a background scene, and write a script to control the actions of your character. When complete, you could save the project and share it with others.



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